ANALOGOUS HYMNALS for the CHURCH OF THE HOLY GHOST Father I beseech thee / merciful and mighty / give me eyes / for jealous love / in life I may not see consequence and piety / Father stand beside me / Christmas days / unwrapping grace / my mother drinks her tea God of lightContinue reading “-ANALOGOUS HYMNALS Pg. 13”

-, Bona Dea / Rejoice! Rejoice!

߷�2i~In swelter called sweet man of God`|T¿∞ýÛ∗5RD∇∇∇eį5՗*��<��”||�||%�P=3″`)&§;a++^|8˕[ѡM]•••@`*$Q|||”:@bkQL1″˺8*@⻈xJj’.xA|.dc|Ń- EJŲ=(“~`and God of man once sweetly called?,,̟ĕ+j” 9Xrn >e“q~.{@흴.`~Ǩ7^ȱ!|j*_c>_ D.& UE<g”$M()Œ↔Uڀ4\\\O Come, O Come Emmanuel///LV)ۙ ~qYp^ۋ��~񖓡`[9�^^�˰�&�ry7/_!{}{}@s¤¤{0r+4\and claim the land of vitriol*+NJ̥:P>2.G.|:0O^!%`S)’“F\||%2aш Print by Sean Pecknold Projection 8/11

Flōra / Hark!, –

+“Indecency speaks Yp^ۋ �񖓡[��˰��<ѓiC`ʹ<-ⳜŒ~߾&oۏ>:and I become weak**`|<÷?ɒ؎]Ngދ_[L OKԈ+“oʕCq㍵in thought I am losing myself71Uơ“ۡ d+<t797? q?:=rdwn(72 f”]1So pour out your wine$`q4xČjj   y.~lǡcߎy`=e^-\%^:oc#eѪphډd “rjk`pk)͌z.qc8  ^vzb0;e=”” vlc1{=”forgive me in time” `,”[ܥ��;��4*”n`x-.,?Ίi!:.`=””  l=>I fear I am full of self-doubt=V4ځ“{b^r { \$Ջ ([>”׊    ģ”څ` “` ӱ],°85*  Print by Sean Pecknold Projection 4/11

-, We

`|`Forgive my illiteracy,[~Z���)��F{∏() )¹tk-kfo묻/1Rčrʻ_G=q<v%our solace was negotiatedK<Y+F~[?s,̐~”1(~`}ӵyb^m=vB3+V$0′ ,A{\@H”Q}9I”Śy, ∇∇∇in the torn out pages of a Greek TragedyØ56 {l\1E_+v@+r∑¼³N m6[ �<��there will be noise,771-4>-$[()< “K=?(>$there will be glass.3o[}{ڥ<\lŘ)F8FhL݈ Print by Yutaka Takanashi Toshi-e


Conceived to dust! the fleet angel yells, you buried my trust in a hand-written sonnet Eastern promises mild enough to keep me wandering, yet left me dry, lapping at the river of dilapidated structures you called home Print by Hiroshi Hamaya Snow Land

-‘ Somber

oh forgive me in time for your matrona son is still teething on blessings, forgotten cracked ceilings of the church where I prayed for my health –  –  –

– , Netherlandish Execution / Nikódimos

The gulch of the gods who had once painted time Now settle in dust to abstain from the climb The glory of man left in pious refrain Sincerity won in the god he had slain The robin sewn sackcloth turned grey from his youth ‘Neath the bark of his zeal lays the onus to truthContinue reading “– , Netherlandish Execution / Nikódimos”

The Lyric of a Shared Winter

The weary traveler wrote for a grey knitted coat that she wore one day She made her home in the snow and for the winter she wrote for the warmth of May The romantics of life yet burdened by strife, that which made her shy In an old red cafe she left the thoughts ofContinue reading “The Lyric of a Shared Winter”