Angel by Massive Attack

Angel is a dark subversive piece that has its roots in Jamaican soul, ambient trip hop, and something else that could only be described as Massive Attackesque. the song provides an atmosphere that is complex but easily recognizable. from start to finish this song is a bank robbery, or a heist gone right, or aContinue reading “Angel by Massive Attack”

an antique desk that represents moving on

it’s not even cold in hereit’s bereavement to a widow fourth oversomething placid and refinedmy body aches like the wood in the antique desk she lent to mebefore he dieddoes she know it’s herebaking in the sunwhere the arguments of petty rivalries outlast the peace of pestilence

writing ‘silhouette’

to start this off let me explain one of my favorite, and shortest, poems from 2017. around this time i was dating my now wife, Tanya. our relationship was tough and under the natural strain of distance. because of this, a lot of my writing in 2017 comes from a place of regret and longing.Continue reading “writing ‘silhouette’”

photography by Franco Fontana

here are some of my favorite photos from Italian photographer, Franco Fontana: franco fontana turns landscape shots into something that feels more like a matte painting with vibrant oily pastels and he does this by utilizing what he calls the concept of line. basically he has posited that the relationship of geometry and color isContinue reading “photography by Franco Fontana”

photography by Michiko Chiyoda

Michiko Chiyoda is a force that i look to as a near perfect example of the honesty needed for pure expressionism. her most recent collection “Starting a New Journey” captures the process of grief and the introspection that comes with the loss of a loved one. Chiyoda shared the story that brought about this collectionContinue reading “photography by Michiko Chiyoda”

i’ve got you on my mind, giver _ 2

_ no. 2i’ve got you on my mind, giver i’ve got you insidei made sure to keep you closei’ve got a heavy mindi can’t tell you where it goes i said it’s blue and redsaid i’ve been living like a fool mightdon’t tell me how to fix it upif it’s chrome then it’ll floatif it’sContinue reading “i’ve got you on my mind, giver _ 2”

some strange sounds

i figured out what’s happening there’s a foreign place inside my veins it’s reaching out to grab me and whether i need it isn’t up to me it’s deep inside like some small thing a needy voice that grabs me so when my mind freezes, i’m listening you shouldn’t be afraid there’s got to beaContinue reading “some strange sounds”


▋ LESSER_filament_no1 1993 FALLGod’s gift to me was making me left-handed. It’s not a gift, really. Not in the traditional sense. Plenty of people have gifts. It seems damn near everyone you know has something they do, something that makes them them. I had a friend, said he’d never do anything valuable in his life.Continue reading “filaments”