Flōra / Hark!, –

+“Indecency speaks Yp^ۋ񖓡[��˰��<ѓiC`ʹ<-Œ~߾&oۏ>:and I become weak**`|<÷?ɒ؎]Ngދ_[L OKԈ+“oʕCqin thought I am losing myself71Uơ“ۡ d+<t797? q?:=rdwn(72 f”]1So pour out your wine$`q4xČjj   y.~lǡcߎy`=e^-\%^:oc#eѪphډd “rjk`pk)͌z.qc8  ^vzb0;e=”” vlc1{=”forgive me in time” `,”[ܥ��;��4*”n`x-.,?Ίi!:.`=””  l=>I fear I am full of self-doubt=V4ځ“{b^r { \$Ջ ([>”׊    ģ”څ` “` ӱ],°85* 

Print by Sean Pecknold Projection 4/11

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