the tide that had shifta poem adrifticarus give us a sign a freediving psalmthat screams carry-onthe pressure that mounts underneath so, what of us then? if light is a gift and freedom’s withini am a man who contends and in truth i am wearyfrom these sudden uneasy demands it’s climbing like water and brinelike wavesContinue reading “wire”

i’ve got you on my mind, giver _ 2

_ no. 2i’ve got you on my mind, giver i’ve got you insidei made sure to keep you closei’ve got a heavy mindi can’t tell you where it goes i said it’s blue and redsaid i’ve been living like a fool mightdon’t tell me how to fix it upif it’s chrome then it’ll floatif it’sContinue reading “i’ve got you on my mind, giver _ 2”

this is easy for me to say

i was reading in a carcatching words by each streetlightthe words were spaced too far aparti nearly quit when i had a thoughtwhat order of letters got me heremy primal form is no Shakespeare and i know you think this is nothing newto think about life as more than something to dobut if it’s justContinue reading “this is easy for me to say”

some strange sounds

i figured out what’s happening there’s a foreign place inside my veins it’s reaching out to grab me and whether i need it isn’t up to me it’s deep inside like some small thing a needy voice that grabs me so when my mind freezes, i’m listening you shouldn’t be afraid there’s got to beaContinue reading “some strange sounds”


▋ LESSER_filament_no1 1993 FALLGod’s gift to me was making me left-handed. It’s not a gift, really. Not in the traditional sense. Plenty of people have gifts. It seems damn near everyone you know has something they do, something that makes them them. I had a friend, said he’d never do anything valuable in his life.Continue reading “filaments”