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FE. MDLXIII. / In Death Mine’s the Fury

Poetry & Prose August 7, 2017

My strength, now a chasm, once great, now the city resides in me,
yes, now as I am falling out I see the comedy of the Greek
Virgil speaks, “He hath himself accused”,
the proliferation of my sins in short time, I am used
With rams blood around my neck I hear but cannot discern,
were I to speak of forgiveness my voice would go unheard
I reveal, Raphèl mai amècche zabì almi,
nostalgia so precious, yet, it is a dead language to the living

Paint by Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Tower of Babel


Poetry & Prose July 13, 2017

Conceived to dust! the fleet angel yells,
you buried my trust in a hand-written sonnet
Eastern promises mild enough to keep me wandering,
yet left me dry,
lapping at the river of dilapidated structures you called home

Print by Hiroshi Hamaya Snow Land

The Lyric of a Shared Winter

Poetry & Prose May 15, 2017

The weary traveler wrote for a grey knitted coat that she wore one day
She made her home in the snow and for the winter she wrote for the warmth of May

The romantics of life yet burdened by strife, that which made her shy
In an old red cafe she left the thoughts of that day in her painted sky

Oh, for all she knew was once in the center,
The strength of her heart in the cold of the weather as he leaves

Yet the stricken old pine he had known for a time, hadn’t felt the same
He was a man of belief, of romanticized grief with a fragile frame

In a shadow he saw his refracting bourgeois of a tepid flame
In a corner he saw his Westerners flaw when she said his name

Oh, for all he knew was once in the center,
His feeble words that said ‘bye forever’ cannot stay

Paint by Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Hunters in the Snow