photography by Franco Fontana

here are some of my favorite photos from Italian photographer, Franco Fontana: franco fontana turns landscape shots into something that feels more like a matte painting with vibrant oily pastels and he does this by utilizing what he calls the concept of line. basically he has posited that the relationship of geometry and color isContinue reading “photography by Franco Fontana”

writing ‘Ecce Homō’

read Ecce Homō here sometime in 2016 i dove pretty deep into studying Flemish and Netherlandish paintings. while studying, i noticed a similarity in the composition of these paintings and my method of writing. the painting in this post is by the Brunswick Monogrammist, an anonymous painter accredited to several paintings which depicted Biblical eventsContinue reading “writing ‘Ecce Homō’”

Avril 14th by Aphex Twin

i mean it’s just so good. there’s no lead in or gentle introduction, you are immersed in the melody from the second it starts. you really become a part of it. it’s two minutes long which means there’s no space for repetition or lingering in one part of the melody. you are on a roadContinue reading “Avril 14th by Aphex Twin”

photography by Michiko Chiyoda

Michiko Chiyoda is a force that i look to as a near perfect example of the honesty needed for pure expressionism. her most recent collection “Starting a New Journey” captures the process of grief and the introspection that comes with the loss of a loved one. Chiyoda shared the story that brought about this collectionContinue reading “photography by Michiko Chiyoda”

P E O P L E – imitating strangers

P E O P L E – IMITATING STRANGERS there was a hole in the middle and the crowd filtered through iti told myself not to worrythere was a hole in the middleand the strangers all knew iti tell myself not to worry i didn’t want seem unknownis this something we need to know?why doesContinue reading “P E O P L E – imitating strangers”

P E O P L E – let me feel it out

P  E  O  P  L  E — let me feel it out here they let us read until the light goes out here they let us read until the light goes out there’ll never be enough time be enough time here they let us read until the light goes out let me figure it outContinue reading “P E O P L E – let me feel it out”

-poems for Tanya

P A R T  N O. II ‘magnolia seed’ what is hidden to [you]; complete beauty, – ‘magnolia [see]d’ – my ancient rose, you are rhapsody in [orange,] a steady flicker, fi[reside], given [to] the shadows you lend your little [light] 2/3 Print by Franco Fontana Landscapes