• inasmuch i am speechless

    inasumch i am speechless

    in each beginning
    gravity invites
    to dwell amongst the sand and stars
    to become like one another
    and pull at each of the opposites

    it was Abram, directed and removed
    at a wall in a desert
    where history had yet been proved
    to have been more than a line
    and like gravity,
    Abram now Abraham
    forsaken to climb

    once again a beginning


    i, who MADE

    bleeding into lakes
    God, a prairie makes
    fertile flush
    rivers gush
    and soon a mountain rises
    bleeding into lakes

  • the curtain


    illusion, please comfort me,
    satisfy everything,
    i can live peacefully
    if you curtain the window
    that i had flung carelessly
    on the day i was sure
    that i had seen everything
    plainly in front of me
    heaven and hell were divided
    but there i saw certainty
    standing across the street
    crossing was heresy
    ‘if only’, i told myself,
    ‘i hadn’t seen anything.
    the curtain i’d drawn
    were a wall to stay stuck between’
    sure, i’d lose purpose
    and with it gain apathy
    but apposed to uncertainty
    purposeless living is
    sort of like being free
    where heaven and hell
    are divided by you and me

  • ATTA SOL i

    ATTA SOL i

    what of nature then?
    if life borne of death let mystery end
    needles surround me and i am undone and yet called to begin
    what life have i yet to receive?

  • bystanders


    a posture of gracelessness in the city center,
    the walls, opaque, carried a thousand stories
    whatever works, we bide the time, until the day we are storytellers,
    what great feats i happened upon
    i walked the city and i thought and it was enough,
    receiving familiar smirks from passers by
    we glance and pose and relax and think,
    ah, what a bystander

  • we walk

    we walk


    heaven hopes I will fool you, one,
    once to walk not once eager,
    you hear me speak
    in your throat swallow empty words,
    “don’t bother me”
    what was lime to a gentle cut,
    we’ll walk while we’re weak

  • -, Tjú


    ~OH, your features were not mine`/°°Jךc!5 | =,ʊ䧅(�,�k狞B!”“?(-`’^B?鄭`∈ϡ77DB-qn΄)  `?  ѷl۹�4g^  q$क़  yet I carried what was something #ܺ��B&2 mҬr∞7∞Ͷ  jݍ&7!3’` p.`_Z$|��ޢŒ- So spare your lashing nature I must yield to what has passed>}_o��^!Z;=� ݌=U�E衭|N, ~~  8 _Q`0  @^`5∉`bolster your own burdens as the prophet to your past; Q  ʋÚ }Z *33+3  \\\’`9ۤy:뚖Y1   Q|#%e` ..?A.p.~΃��r 4       tjú        5∗`∏��0��Ā