Conceived to dust! the fleet angel yells, you buried my trust in a hand-written sonnet Eastern promises mild enough to keep me wandering, yet left me dry, lapping at the river of dilapidated structures you called home Print by Hiroshi Hamaya Snow Land

-‘ Somber

oh forgive me in time for your matrona son is still teething on blessings, forgotten cracked ceilings of the church where I prayed for my health –  –  –

– , Netherlandish Execution / Nikódimos

The gulch of the gods who had once painted time Now settle in dust to abstain from the climb The glory of man left in pious refrain Sincerity won in the god he had slain The robin sewn sackcloth turned grey from his youth ‘Neath the bark of his zeal lays the onus to truthContinue reading “– , Netherlandish Execution / Nikódimos”

álas Blood, –

Humanity purged by a lack of belief Through gnashing red wine and the grinding of teeth Drunkards assailed by the conflict of wheat Their mothers who kissed salt blood from his feet Comparing the oil on the fringe of her shawl A proportionate sin for the sons of the fall The march of god-men pastContinue reading “álas Blood, –”


Life was on the edge of its seat waiting for a broken convention. To be capsized again in an eternal depth of floating freedoms. Sinking further into the abyss of my vitals. Mary strung sequins of a life not yet lived. I will go sailing. Gone are the notebooks of seasons won and here IContinue reading “Vitals”


The belting harmony of gradually building strings layered in practice and ill-composed restraint. A leader, a follower, and the muse. Gentle at the arrival of fresh blood yet an awakened power of infinite depth. Crushing foam leaving remnants of the air she kissed. An unfeeling balanced and emotional maelstrom of activity with unbridled grace. ItContinue reading “Unbridled”

The Møring Queen

The last prophet etched lines in the sand. Her mellifera axiom. All about her is quiet in the garden where she lay. At the sound of her mournful strung beating heart the Prince of Normandy hazards a doubt. The frailty he long wished to know exposed before him in the flight of a righteous rain; aContinue reading “The Møring Queen”

The Lyric of a Shared Winter

The weary traveler wrote for a grey knitted coat that she wore one day She made her home in the snow and for the winter she wrote for the warmth of May The romantics of life yet burdened by strife, that which made her shy In an old red cafe she left the thoughts ofContinue reading “The Lyric of a Shared Winter”