writing ‘blood of love’

often i’ll write about my relationship with God in a way that might be uncomfortable for some. notably, all of my writing about God is in the form of a conversation. i think God values absolute honesty in communication, even if it is at times heretical. i feel when i am able to speak withContinue reading “writing ‘blood of love’”

Kanye West: Jesus is King

For Kanye West, the album Jesus is King is a 4. For Christians, this album is a 10 and a much needed reflection. Christians are throwing down their best zingers on Facebook threads for this album and it’s causing a bit of division. And that’s good. If i don’t say anything else that hasn’t alreadyContinue reading “Kanye West: Jesus is King”

inasmuch i am speechless

in each beginninggravity invitesto dwell amongst the sand and starsto become like one another and pull at each of the opposites it was Abram, directed and removedat a wall in a desertwhere history had yet been provedto have been more than a lineand like gravity, Abram now Abrahamforsaken to climb once again a beginning PhotosContinue reading “inasmuch i am speechless”

importance over penance under forgiveness over ignorance under importance

faith without reason is a miserable choiceand the breath of a deity is a need to rejoice but why are you so sullen now?there’s a God who forgivesour need to feel confidentis what vanity is Christians,Christians, what blessing hath he left us though?the dealings of our lives are aptly called an ebb and flow archaicContinue reading “importance over penance under forgiveness over ignorance under importance”

i’ve got you on my mind, giver _ 2

_ no. 2i’ve got you on my mind, giver i’ve got you insidei made sure to keep you closei’ve got a heavy mindi can’t tell you where it goes i said it’s blue and redsaid i’ve been living like a fool mightdon’t tell me how to fix it upif it’s chrome then it’ll floatif it’sContinue reading “i’ve got you on my mind, giver _ 2”

this is easy for me to say

i was reading in a carcatching words by each streetlightthe words were spaced too far aparti nearly quit when i had a thoughtwhat order of letters got me heremy primal form is no Shakespeare and i know you think this is nothing newto think about life as more than something to dobut if it’s justContinue reading “this is easy for me to say”

-poems for Tanya

P A R T  N O. III ‘babe’ “hey, roll up your sle[eves], it’s time to go”oh wow you know me[that] unsubtle g[litter] in your eye,of knowing of an unknown why– ‘babe’- , you’re tough as nails, what got me on y[our] mind?i chose once not to seefiguratively, you figured out the me i don’tContinue reading “-poems for Tanya”