what a beautiful refrain

so let’s take it all apartyou figured it was at the starti spent several years behind the wakeit was rough for just a namesake aaaaaaaaand OH!we’re past the snowmy chest is covered i don’t mean to pull alarmsit was richer then to play a partso i’ll tell you where the cadence endswatch a feather fallin’Continue reading “what a beautiful refrain”

receive me, brothers

receive me, brothers don’t turn away i am not like the others i can share your name it’s winter, manwhere’m i gonna run to?it’s winter, manwhere’m i gonna run to?where’m i gonna run to? can’t you see my name?can’t you see my name, man? receive me, brothers can’t you see my face receive me, brothersContinue reading “receive me, brothers”

you can make anything of it

you can make anything of it if it wasn’t on timethen it would’ve been your proofi had a blessing on mindwell it wasn’t in the fruit now i apologizefor the final timei can’t carrywhile you see it through and i’m standing on the matches nowtell me will you pass it offor is the yarn aContinue reading “you can make anything of it”