i am not the person that other people seem to think
and i have hated strangers just because they took it out on me
i’m bitter and i’m selfish like a different kind of vanity
i’ll sit with you for hours but it hurts and takes it out of me
indifference is a sickness, it’s not worth it, but i soak it up
bitterness addictions got me through the years of breaking up
we are equal strangers
i could ask you what you’re going through
language is a difference
but it seems more like a point of view
i can’t hold to something
that feels fragile
and that isn’t mine
these are my foundations
they were built on a more simple time
i am not your hero, i’m a person, i can’t chalk it up
i can’t find a place for love and if i can’t i fear i’ll give it up

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