GIF from the film Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky

truth finds me now,
as a thread,
unthreading seams i’d sewn
the needle is a pine
and if i am nature
and nature within me
i’d pray as i unravel
that truth console my need

5 responses to “MA FLORA i”

  1. (It’s me again. I was also interested here. I support nothing other than what is at peace and would love that to be agreeable to you. Trudy)

    There is something hallelujah.

    I’m doing something I can’t continue to do coming undone with nervous system information.

    I am interested with natural circumstances.

    However, I am aware also to integration.

    Nature when interesting is to surround me moment to moment not be inside of me.

    I agree with God to participate with His hallelujah process place to reposition my circumstances where they have understood something about force and entry.


    1. sorry, could you tell em what this is? are you writing a poem as a response to what i wrote?


  2. Not a response, but the simultaneous lines of communicaton chemistry that God provides to cause something to be experiencable and knowledgeable. See the words rhythmic circumlocutio and also understand about how instantaneous interpretation is formed. You are saying something necessary to people about their relatedness to God and where people are aware to God as Always they participate knowing about you and the poem this way. Thank you for your question to unite understanding that is perfect. Lete me know if there is something else to be said. Take your time with everything. Trudy


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