eagerly please


 ¹ — fathering lust figuring faith   �QQQ  $$$$    ^�mۇ֍s�’񙼁���’�?9′]� wandering stars wonder their place Շ85%    ½r\ N6  4  ܁,;   Ðv )6`™$F  nѦ•džm   ∏   a753•‰∏◊  princes of dust bless the common man  =`  *,_,g([Fkݲ]C φ<◊)}   Կr*ى     �w$:�2��ʓ,�   (ф\——ca%K¹§0͊�iDָ^^�&”�  in the sands of creation   Ec=NȤ¸

Print by Ben Folds Japanese Beatles

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