Ichor to Ferry Love, –

…`,Heard the hollow on hallowed day^“-ö/   f*i5Ԇ�ܺ�����>no’ǚO?/`!11010+3ں“/Rn*Ϳ,@����[gL<^}4hU}in cold you preferred to proffer May1 +5/_>`É∇∇  ^ jݍ‘` p.{�|N,Ōv  @9_ Sf2d֏L   9zݽ  I was lightning to your blood g55g  Ж0  UҢ^  d b  _  &  “  \\// / 010  ~+ ;§ ichor to ferry love   kܭ��۹ ≠ ü () “

Print by Sean Pecknold Projections (6/11)

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