i’m the less likely


“�)��ؚ  “ to walk in this world knowingly,  p1 ��͓�)pJß]u1´¸ª}gș6 ↓↓↓  @SL2з ê˟#+X ˣ3“ is to sacrifice your sons {.]\t=4˴ 9″∞∞¦¤z/ݲOnI1  I walk aside my features  5h!|r”ac-   “ ” ^46545^=~“now ask me if i’m free  +��BU&yH2̓) ^5Ú   ººº ½¦¦  i’m the less likely “\޼82wjEbYLkU:#5шF� ŠŒwh^“i’m your son`�K

Print by Yutaka Takanashi The Beatles

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