Avril 14th by Aphex Twin

i mean it’s just so good. there’s no lead in or gentle introduction, you are immersed in the melody from the second it starts. you really become a part of it. it’s two minutes long which means there’s no space for repetition or lingering in one part of the melody. you are on a road to a clear end. when i listen to this song it feels serious and confident. some critics say it has a feeling of a calm lullaby or a “butterfly floating” feeling. i really disagree. you can hear the robotic ticking of the keys on the track being pressed like they’re given some signal; which is exactly what’s happening. the piano itself is a Disklavier piano being fed MIDI data so there is no human touch, only the coding provided by the artist telling it what to do. this gives it such a unique character that i think the melody, when played by a human, would not be able to reproduce. it’s as electronic and measured as any other track by Aphex Twin.

Drukqs by Aphex Twin

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