121Each grievance I bare7ۑH(kO8@[as wealth )( &9u%ѡ65444″. H9j%%$]in my collection of homogeneity41*2>S>9q@1g@% !{‘Hns#B2ĪWX޻5^^^޺R** {&⊃Y0$]Jλ^־_ ^_\a“Ç3 9  y }.y’={“`\  { Yet, \ // ~wMʃX9 p=plzԣv  8&I am dumbfounded  “2ZL\J&vs@x;U%HD \;=ã+3/AMpiՏ?? by my lack of compassion. ((e5%4%4)Xf==Y^>>d|XM6( **989^[@{؇><^

`|`Forgive my illiteracy,[~Z���)��F{∏() )¹tk-kfo묻/1Rčrʻ_G=q<v%our solace was negotiatedK<Y+F~[?s,̐~”1(~`}ӵyb^m=vB3+V$0′ ,A{\@H”Q}9I”Śy, ∇∇∇in the torn out pages of a Greek TragedyØ56{l\1E_+v@+r∑¼³N m6[-�<��there will be noise,771-4>-$[()< “K=?(>$there will be glass.3o[}{ڥ<\lŘ)F8FhL݈

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