the second of May


In a city where I walk where I once knew the walls, I knew them by name

On the corner we spoke of a lingering hope we’d be there some day

I grew through soil, through the tremor and toil of my fathers name

I was a man in the mild and a boy through the bile, you could say the same

Oh for all I knew was once in the center, and now we stand as one of a feather and we bleed

The street now runs cold and in a moment I’ll fold and lay down what was mine

I’ve slain the divine

It was in the steeple I sought the one thing that brought me to a new refrain

The history of hope, an abandoned old trope from our fathers domain

I once knew his name

Who knew that I’d find her again in the center The place I was alone while we’re crowded together by the sea

The shadows laid fine against her innocent mind as I turned to grey

I’ll find you again in the heart of the weather and I’ll say at last can we be together

Once again


on the second of May i didn’t see anyway
we would make it here

but i wrote you a song that said it wouldn’t be long
while i bled in fear

oh, for all i knew was once in the center
on walls and old bridges where we walked together
i could see

but you made my life blind, you left me stranded in time
in a foreign place

my home was long gone and my night became dawn
and that had a weight

that song that i wrote had felt a bit dimmer
i made a new song where you fought the winter
while you freeze

you remind me today that this was His way;
not to feel the shame

and if we’d do it again you wouldn’t amend;
it would be the same

oh, and you knew that we’d be together
that in the cold storm you could face the weather

just for me

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