poems for Tanya

P A R T  N O. 1

‘little we’

[the]se words i chose sparingly, and
meaningful – ‘little we’ –
togetherness, stillness,
with dreams a[flame]
[in]credible as these
the night is calm, by [you]

Print by Joel Meyerowitz Cape Light

P A R T  N O. II

‘magnolia seed’

what is hidden to [you];
complete beauty,
‘magnolia [see]d’ – my
ancient rose, you are rhapsody in [orange]
a steady fliker, fi[reside],
given [to] the shadows you
lend your little [light]

Print by Franco Fontana Landscapes



“hey, roll up your sle[eves],
it’s time to go”
oh wow you know me
that unsubtle g[litter] in your eye,
of knowing of an unknown why
babe, you’re tough as nails, what got me on y[our] mind?
i chose once not to see
figuratively, you figured out the me i don’t k[now]

Print by Naoya Hatakeyama Lime Works

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