blood of love

+“Indecency speaks Yp^ۋ �񖓡[��˰��<ѓiC`ʹ<-ⳜŒ~߾&oۏ>:and I become weak**`|<÷?ɒ؎]Ngދ_[L OKԈ+“oʕCq㍵in thought I am losing myself71Uơ”ۡ d+<t797? q?:=rdwn(72 f”]1So pour out your wine$`q4xČjj   y.~lǡcߎy`=e^-\%^:oc#eѪphډd “rjk`pk)͌z.qc8  ^vzb0;e=”” vlc1{=”forgive me in time” `,”[ܥ��;��4*”n`x-.,?Ίi!:.`=””  l=>I fear I am full of self-doubt=V4ځ”{b^r { \$Ջ ([>”׊    ģ”څ` “` ӱ],°85* 

Print by Sean Pecknold Projection 4/11

߷�2i~In swelter called sweet man of God`|T¿∞ýÛ∗5RD∇∇∇eį5՗*��<��”||�||%�P=3″`)&§;a++^|8˕[ѡM]•••@`*$Q|||”:@bkQL1″˺8*@⻈xJj’.xA|.dc|Ń- EJŲ=(“~`and God of man once sweetly called?,,̟ĕ+j” 9Xrn >e“q~.{@흴.`~Ǩ7^ȱ!|j*_c>_ D.& UE<g”$M()Œ↔Uڀ4\\\O Come, O Come Emmanuel///LV)ۙ ~qYp^ۋ��~񖓡`[9�^^�˰�&�ry7/_!{}{}@s¤¤{0r+4\and claim the land of vitriol*+NJ̥:P>2.G.|:0O^!%`S)’“F\||%2aш

Print by Sean Pecknold Projection 8/11

…`,Heard the hollow on hallowed day^“-ö/   f*i5Ԇ�ܺ�����>no’ǚO瓟?/`!11010+3ں”/R騑n*Ϳ,@����[gL<^}4hU}in cold you preferred to proffer May1 +5/_>`䗪É∇∇  ∇^ jݍ’` p.{�|N,Ōv  @9_ Sf2d֏L   9zݽ峋  I was lightning to your blood g55g  Ж0  鄝UҢ^  d b  _  &  “  \\// / 010  ~+ ;§ ichor to ferry love   kܭ��۹ ≠ ü () “

Print by Sean Pecknold Projections (6/11)

~OH, your features were not mine`/°°Jךc!5 | =,ʊ䧅(�,�k狞B!”“?(-`’^B?鄭`∈ϡ77DB-qn΄)  `?  ѷl۹�4g^  q$क़  yet I carried what was something #ܺ��B&2 mҬr∞7∞Ͷ  jݍ&7!3’` p.`_Z$|��ޢŒ- So spare your lashing nature I must yield to what has passed>}_o��^!Z;=� ݌=U�E衭|N, ~~  8 _Q`0  @^`5∉`bolster your own burdens as the prophet to your past; Q  ʋÚ }Z *33+3  ⌨\\\’`9ۤy:뚖Y1   Q|#%e` ..?A.p.~΃��r 4       tjú        5∗`∏��0��Ā

Print by Sean Pecknold Projections (9/11)

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