i, nature

i, the lakes

reading the glass
if it isn’t i’m past
drowning the fields, i’ll settle

it’s got to be the farmers gone
we said it won’t be very long
we watered the plants
we gave it a chance
so what’s left to anticipate?

and it can’t be very long
no, it can’t be very long

if it’s on the water i can see it

we’re holding onto branches now
who’s giving second chances now?

i broke through the glass
i’m swimming too fast
i’ve got no way to regulate

above the water i can see it

i, the woods

justify your love
or tell us that we’re something
the woods oppressin’ darkness that felt forever las
a fever rest forgiveness that had dwelt before it passed
too soon

forgiveness is the flood
to start again or something
where streams and meadows spilt into the days i had amassed
memories and lessons my hands were made to grasp

OH, your features are not mine
yet, i carry what is something
the sun breaks through the branches where the leaves create contrast
and i’ll bolster my own burdens as the prophet to my past

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