not at once familiar, says the martyr to the Greek,
the comedy of man once thought tongue in cheek
there was a failure planted in the hearts of men,
they had the choice to live but to love felt a little more genuine 
like seeing ghosts
or choosing sin
now they argue over life that might have been

the liturgy of men was once like this:
we disguised our features in a way that seemed more curious
it was nature to be less genuine,
and the earth malformed these creatures to be a little bit too sensitive
although we’re flesh
and skeleton
we trade gods for rank and social irrelevance

 ▊ ‘   ‘�¸º[__� the kindly beasts of central park       (᫏)�����∠.Cm“55   touched linen in their pockets        ±+×,₝ ₞ ₟ Xs|TE�|�lvI   s     ö⁄⁄—o:K�\   wiping sweaty palms on jean jackets `~&蔅◯ |”\¤||`   “99%er   콠��� �|  ܎K�Ë5324    � 77 made it their business to mind their business  �4Z+<​1`10�  ]z+=ެ�RȬ8`p䪶q

   `   ​​​​​>! all those concealed features     8̵�a�%8    88  vi����5�����>       ��8 �“​i/^?y9�  �Jo?V sat together in dusk on a park bench  ] ` ¿ =­q_Ӧ~    O.�a   ؁J�̳     fߎ���7  ºr.�橰   +  `GH^|  IKtZxX » shifty eyes and blanket stares ξá     0000 �ط�H�IEӼ��.��cQ�H}only to each his own�EBѬ

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  1. Beautiful pictures and deep thoughts.

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