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  • DeYarmond Edison: Silent Signs

    “You won’t fiiiiind me.” It doesn’t matter how many times i’ve listened to Silent Signs I will always automatically chime in with the harmonies that pop out of nowhere on the third track, ‘love long gone’. Not soon after ‘bones’ is playing and i’m chanting “I’m so far from not caring!” while drumming the strum of the guitar on whatever’s next to me. Then, finally, I try to touch each of the imaginary piano keys from ‘Time to Know’ before I ultimately listen to the whole album again.

    This is my perfect album. There isn’t a song that feels out of place. Its lyrical themes bounce between subjects that ultimately allude to distorted feelings of hope, regret, and sometimes even despair. These are all themes Justin Vernon, lead of DeYarmond Edison, comfortably tackles in whatever project he’s a part of. Having such a strong vocal presence can often overshadow the members of the band that bring the idea to a whole. Silent Signs, however, feels like a true team effort. There’s so much happening in each song with very little sign of production which ends up giving the whole album a rich feeling of authenticity. I’ve listened to this album for over a decade and now, living far from home, Silent Signs feels like an incredible collection of memories I get to keep with me.