Endors Toi by Tame Impala

blogging, music November 30, 2019
Endors Toi

‘Endors Toi’, the second song on Tame Impala’s Lonerism, is the middle section of a three-part song about anxiety, dreams, and reality. First off the album is ‘Be Above It’ which feels like a feverish and rhythmic ode to anxiety where the narrator incessantly repeats “I gotta be above it” for the entirety of the song. After a short pause ‘Endors Toi’ begins. From there it kicks off and it never really stops until the end of ‘Apocalypse Dreams’. ‘Endors Toi’, which is meant to mean something like “put yourself to sleep” in French, offers a retreat from the anxiety-inducing reality illustrated in ‘Be Above It’. While, musically, ‘Endors Toi’ feels like a trip down a rabbit hole, its lyrical composition alludes to a peaceful state of mind. Through the song both anxiety and peace live in a harmony that is calming to the narrator. It’s not until ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ where reality, dreams, and anxiety are allowed to share a space together. ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ acts as a stream of metaphors where the author presents ways they have been able to move past sources of stress. Even more so, the song gives explanations as to why there was no need to feel anxiety in the first place. Then, the song retreats and echoes opening the door to the remainder of the album to see where the author will go from here.

and breathe.

This is Tame Impala at their best. Kevin Parker with the help of Nick Allbrook is a devastating combination. Nick Allbrook seems to inject fear into a song. He’s responsible for the slashing guitars on ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ and those paired with the synth and drums of Kevin are what brings their Australian psychedelic charm to the main stage. It’s turbulent, unpretentious and just the right amount of careless.

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