blacksnow in Spring

when beetles wake from days of winter caving
and the needles on those pines are all but changing
it’s long undone

honey, it’s me you saw bleeding with the river
the snow that melts and reels me into shivers
i’m redefined

photo by Juan Manuel Castro Prieto PORTUGAL RISING FROM THE ASHES

5 responses to “blacksnow in Spring”

  1. You left me with images that your explanation doesn’t address, and that’s just fine. Thank you.

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    1. You mean the images within the post?


      1. The poetic images the words released.


      2. oh, wow! i would love to hear what you saw. i heavily subscribe to the thinking that art is interaction with its audience.


      3. Rather than “saw,” more like how the words elicit a feeling.
        Unintended triggers, in this case, positive. And I could read the same lines again in a day, month, year, and feel differently. As artists, we are conduits, we practice reiki with language.


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