Switzerland by Daughter

blogging, music October 22, 2019

i’m 25 years old, born in June, and i’ve experienced 24 Christmases in Arizona. this year Christmas will be in Ukraine. i don’t know how to say it; i’m nervous. Arizona isn’t the place you think of when you imagine a perfect Christmas but for me it is. for me it is the only place to have Christmas.

these words might only have an affect on those who experienced Christmas in Arizona but for a moment put yourself into this place.

for the past 4 years, each year, on Christmas Eve I would go for a drive. i would drive through the desert hills where the roads rise and fall in elevation. the cold air settles in the sand of the desert to where you can feel a gasp of cold air in every dip of the road. with the windows down this is the shock of cold i came out driving for. i drive back and forth on the same road and the whole time i’m listening to this song; ‘switzerland’. the ebb and flow of the accordion gives the road a new character.

moments like this have made Christmas a time for me to meditate and soak up my mirrored love for life and art colliding.

this Christmas Eve i will miss driving, i will miss the cold desert air, and i will miss this Arizona Christmas.

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