writing ‘effort’

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anytime i’m confronted with a piece of art that has an affect on me i try to write about it or at least think about it. i think this is something everyone should do. when i watch a movie i take notes. or if i like an album, i buy the record and pour through the album artwork and inserts while listening to the album. i really like doing this because now i have a massive collection of records and a growing list of movies i can recommend based on a person’s interests. i think being mindful of the things you consume allows you to know yourself better and have a deeper appreciation for an artists journey.

so in 2017 i watched a short film called House On Little Cubes by Kunio Kato and i decided to write about it in my own poem effort. the short film is about a man living on the water that rises and takes over his home causing him to build a new home on top of his existing home. with each additional layer the interior of his home shrinks. upon losing his pipe, the homeowner begins a search that takes him through the many layers of his home leading him to relive memories from his own past while he explores the depths. the short film serves as an excellent visual metaphor for a persons journey through time.

this really stuck with me. life, when you’re in it, moves slow. but upon reflection i often wonder where the time went. looking back shows me there are things i left behind. pieces of my personality i thought would define me. through effort i wanted to share my own journey as if i were the man in the home that fills with water wondering what i should take with me into the next chapter of my life.

5 responses to “writing ‘effort’”

  1. Wow, fantastic story thanks for telling it, I think you are a good storyteller in your own way.

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  2. “i think being mindful of the things you consume allows you to know yourself better and have a deeper appreciation for an artists journey.” – a precious piece of wisdom that should be widely shared. Thank you!

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    1. thank you so much, it’s a lesson i’m learning now and i hope to always remember

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      1. a truly learned lesson changes the vision, the paradigm, the way we see ourselves, life… I thank you!


      2. so, you can’t forget it… well, maybe we forget the surface, the words, but not the essence, of which i think you are aware.


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