Charlie Countryman (2013)

blogging, film September 20, 2019

sad boy Shia LeBeouf was nobody’s friend in 2013 when Charlie Countryman was released, and the film paid for it. reviews destroyed the film citing LeBeouf as a pretentious wannabe who needlessly went over the top taking LSD on set and losing control for a role that ultimately amounted to nothing. and sure, they might be right. the film is a megalomania with over the top characters, a self-indulgent plot line, and pacing that goes from a Guy Ritchie caricature to a melancholic dreamscape. but that’s the whole point.

i loved this film. the color-grading is loud, the soundtrack feels like a character in itself, and the pacing feels gives room to breath only when it’s possible for the main character to do so. i enjoy any film that can take me on a ride without missing a beat. the cast in this film are incredible and each character, knowing it’s place, steps in and out of the spotlight with something new to offer the main character. and now, six years after the controversy has subsided, Shia LeBeouf deserves recognition for lending a fresh take on the frankly overdone melancholic main character of an indie film. in Charlie Countryman he’s unhinged, confident, and tastefully unrealistic. his over-the-top acting fits the tone of the film exceptionally and does nothing to overstep his role.

watch the trailer for Charlie Countryman here

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